above meme descended from below meme I made in 2014

which was descended from this meme

there were various adaptions of it over the years culminating in its final form of Money Printer Go BRR

The first person to color in the character and develop him was Coinsiglieri

below is the first version of the Printer BRRR meme. Coinsiglieri sent me a draft version of a Money Printer BRRR / Bitcoin meme. With a few emails back and forth we developed the meme and introduced the same character from above. The money is being absorbed by his tummy which he is grasping.

noted Bitcoiner Jameson Lopp tweeted that he envisioned a more “Kirby” character, to which I took to mean he’s talking about giving the character a largemouth that is sucking up the money. I looked at various Kirby pictures and thought Lopp had a good idea and tweeted Coinsiglieri. He replied with the meme below which I shared.

Here is my twitter analytics for this month and that tweet specifically

If you’ve come this far great, I hoped you enjoyed this little bitcoin meme history.