Ode to Satoshi Nakamoto

In the year of the bailouts, 2008,

The bankers were printing more debt for the state

The dollar grew weaker, the big picture clear

As they fed the hangover more Keynesian beer

World leaders debated, directing the blame

But with no real solutions, just more of the same

Regulation, mark-to-market, housing costs for the poor

Or maybe just our pure desire for more

Who’s to blame, is this caused by desire for wealth?

When perhaps the real problem is money itself!

The idea isn’t new, maybe everything’s tanking

‘Cause society is built on fractional reserve banking

And so called “investment” and attempted control

May soon spiral fiat into a death roll

As elected officials looked dumber and dumber

Others started to put their faith into numbers…

On one cold winter day, a crypto-genius arrived

With some rock solid code, picked up by the hive

Audited and improved, then released to the wild

Bitcoin had been born, Satoshi’s brain-child

One day bankers and fascists may look back with scorn

On the day when the genesis block was born

Like a clock set in motion, with springs that are wound

By the hackers who joined, mining blocks to be found

Securing transactions of those who believe

That middle-men shouldn’t be there to receive

More than a small fee to perform a transaction

Or invade privacy of those taking the action

This idea is fantastic and easy to spread

Through incentives devised in the crypto-man’s head

The ball started rolling, but Satoshi grew quiet

Soon thereafter began the first speculative riot

Had he lost faith, become scared, or retired?

Maybe he was a banker himself but got fired?

AI from the future or a corporate plot?

Or was “he” a “them”, or had he been shot?

The answers to these, may never be known

So we’ll make it a feast, so that you can be shown

How thankful we are for what you have built

As we sew our transactions on this open-source quilt

And we hope that you’re lurking, with smile and a glow

As your world-changing software continues to grow

If you need some advice on this day, what to do?

Please dump some some of your coins, I have buy orders at $2