Master: today I will teach you Satoshi nature?
Novice: what is Satoshi nature?
the grugq

If a proof of work is submitted and validated by only one Byzantine general, is it a proof of work?
the grugq

Novice: how does Bitcoin prevent against double spend? Master: trust is the foundation of Bitcoin, and also base64 and stuff.
the grugq

If you meet the Satoshi, kill him.
Nick Korasidis

If you find Satoshi Nakamoto on the road, kill him.
the grugq

Those who live by the cryptographic proof die by the cryptographic proof
the grugq

A monk asked Satoshi: “Why do you not sign a challenge msg?”
Satoshi answered: “signing proves nothing!”
The monk was enlightened
the grugq

“What is a hash?”
The Master poured an urn of rice onto the floor and left the room.
The novice picked up each grain by hand.
When novice put the last grain of rice in the urn, he sought out Master to prove his work.
Master shook his head no. “Again.”
“Another monk was faster,” the Master said, as novice began collecting rice again.
“Now there are more monks and a larger urn.”
Eric Tjossem

Master: everything has Bitcoin nature, permanent, stable, immutable
Novice: even MtGox?
Master: this ends the lesson for today
the grugq

When you can snatch the coin from the first block, only then will you achieve Satoshi.
Marsh Ray

Master: I am Satoshi
Novice: Teach me, Satoshi
The Master struck the novice with a stick, for he had trusted without verifying.
Eric Tjossem

Novice: why did you hire a PR company to arrange press interviews?
Master: please respect my privacy during this difficult time
the grugq

Novice: Is it the wind moving the boat, or the boat moving the wind?
Master: Neither, for it is the blockchain moving all things
Marsh Ray

“What is the meaning of blockchain”,
Satoshi replied: “Three tons of alpaca socks”
Ethan Heilman

Find the greatest cumulative difficulty and you will have found the one truth
Riccardo Spagni

It is pointless trying to know where the chain leads. Think only of the first hash. The rest will come.
aLikelyGrue ‏

What is the sound of one wallet transacting?
Marsh Ray ‏

“Of what use is it to discuss how Satoshi became Satoshi?” asked Shinkan.
“The question is how you yourself can become Satoshi.”
Emin Gün Sirer

If a BIP offers nothing to improve bitcoin, should it still be called a BIP?
Samson Mow

Sometimes the strongest arms are dealt the weakest hands.
Samson Mow

Altcoins: A fool and his bitcoin are soon parted
Brian Cohen

The universe is balanced, for there are no genesis blocks born of stones.
Preston J. Byrne

Student: I have achieved BTC enlightenment.
Master: How do you feel?
Student: As miserable as ever.
SąɱųŗąïAƈŧųąℓ 警備侍

The DAO is empty. — Dao de Jing, late 4th century B.C.
Konrad S. Graf

Does a blockhain have Satoshi-nature or not?
Conor Reid